A stray kitten found in the forest is very happy to receive help.


Last Monday, Scott Ruga from New Jersey was at his workplace (specific company) when he had an unexpected meeting.He went outside to move the woodpile. As he came closer, he began to hear faint screams coming from that direction. He explored the surroundings and found two small kittens who were hiding in the cleft of a woodpile and looked at him with their frightened eyes.


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They were very thin and very shy, hissing at Scott if he tried to get closer. The man could not find more kittens and their cat mother. Knowing that it would be difficult for them to fend for themselves, he knew that he had to help.


Despite the strong resistance from the kittens, Scott managed to dig them out and bring them inside to a safe place. The black kitten was very timid, meowed and did not want to have anything to do with people.

They learned that the kittens were most likely abandoned and they did not have a home. One of the employees offered to adopt a kitten, and Scott called his wife Sophie about the remaining kitten, who struggled to escape and hide.

Sophie said, that I immediately fell in love with a kitten. I prepared one of our bedrooms and turned it into a safe place for cats with his own litter box, a bowl of water and a small drawer in which he could hide.

The little shy body was so scared when he arrived that he immediately found refuge in the box. The couple put some food on the street, and after a while the kitten stuck his head out and began to eat. He was so hungry that he ate as much food as his tummy could hold.

Having received a full belly, the kitten gathered courage enough to get out of its shelter. He decided to trust us when we first hugged him. He just looked into her husband’s eyes and purred,

The kitten, whom they named Toby, made 180 and began to rub his face about his people, asking for attention and pets. He turned on his purring engine and held it all night long.

I can’t believe how quickly he adapted to living indoors. I think he knew that we saved him and that we would give him all the love and care he needed, Sophie said. He is a very gentle and loving cat! He loves to give us kisses and snuggle.

Within a few hours, the little kitten turned from a frightened cat into a real love bug. The couple has another cat named Heidi, which they plan to introduce in the near future.Toby’s eyes light up immediately when his people enter the room. He will follow them everywhere until he gets what he wants – bellies and lots of hugs.

Sophie said,,He always lies on his back and just waits for us to rub his stomach. He greets us with a kiss on our hand, and then begins to purr as loudly as a lawn mower. It’s amazing to hear this noise from such a tiny body like him,


Scott loves the new kitten and spends a lot of time with him. When he gets home from work, he goes straight to the kitten’s room for his buddy.

I found that my husband is hugging and sleeping with a kitten yesterday after work. Toby likes to be with us and just spend time with us.

Toby found his eternal home with us. Sophie said that it’s so nice to see how his personality is revealed more and more every day, and how much love he returns to us.

When he first appeared, he was just skin and bones. Now he is on his way to bec0ming a str0ng and healthy b0y.




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