A tiny kitten hid in the corner of the porch and cried


Residents of one of the apartment buildings in Petrozavodsk found in their porch a tiny fluffy huddled in a corner. It turned out to be a kitten, absolutely clean, very small and defenseless.


One of the residents decided to temporarily bring him to her apartment. The baby was so small that he could not even eat on his own. There was no doubt that someone threw him into the staircase.


The kitten was handed over to the experienced zoo-volunteer Irina. The new ward turned out to be a girl who received the nickname Zaika, for resemblance to the eared resident of the same forest.

The hare possessed a gullible and open character, absolutely spiteless and friendly. She ran towards the other residents of Irina’s apartment, but they only hissed and turned away, brushing off the baby.

The amusing baby spent days exploring the apartment, playing, squealing, sleeping sweetly in different cozy corners. The hare grew and became more and more beautiful, and soon people who decided to give the house to this charming big-eyed girl drew attention to her.

Svetlana and her family members were well prepared for the arrival of Zaika: they bought bowls, claws, couches, toys. She liked such a warm welcome, and soon she was interestedly pacing around the new territory for her.


Bunny has taken root in the new house! She sleeps with the owners, and when she is awake, she runs around the apartment and basks in the caress and attention of the household.



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