A whole week since my beautiful angel went to heaven’: EastEnders star Maisie Smith pays tribute to her late pet dog Benny with sweet snaps

Maisie Smith paid tribute to her late beloved dog, Benny, Monday night, a week after their death.18-year-old EastEnders star went on Instagram to share a collection of sweet memories with Jack Russell.
Sitting in her garden, Macy pulled out with Benny a collection of different poses, including hugging, kissing and giggling at the late dog.
Soap Star wrote: A whole week has passed since my beautiful angel went to heaven, thank you all for the kind messages that this dog loved RIP Benny Smith x so much.
Followers of 614K Maisie hastened to convey their love for the actress and show their support.One person said, Sorry for losing your precious fur, baby, I hope the memories you share with him bring you comfort. Another user said, Fly high, Benny, so many wonderful memories, so beautiful and sweet.
While another follower added: Rest in peace Benny, sending you my love. Macy was heartbroken after her beloved dog Benny passed away last week.
The actress took Instagram on her Instagram to share a video that looked back at Jack Russell’s life.
She wrote: The bravest, the sleepiest, the kindest, the most stupid, the most stupid, the most beautiful older brother and best friend. (So in the original)
Maisie is currently in quarantine at home with her family at home, as Britain is isolated.The actress, who joined EastEnders as Tiffany at the age of seven, recently shared a beautiful independent song with her followers on social networks.
Maisie talked about her battle with body dysmorphia in the text, admitting that she remembers “wanting to be slimmer from a young age.


She said that she felt “excited” and “trapped in her thoughts”, while in isolation she composed a song in an attempt to “heal her mind”.
The song began: When I was little, I looked in the mirror, holding on to my stomach, wanting to be slimmer. Offering this that she is struggling with, Macy added: I think I had a case of body dysmorphia and I still have not gotten rid of it.


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