Adorable Pup With Extra Long Beard Is Perfectly Nicknamed “Chewbacca”


Facial hair can make a person look older than his years, and it turns out that this also applies to dogs. A puppy named Nuts is a four-year-old mini-Belgian griffon who looks much older due to his long beard, which he had from a young age. It is known that the breed has more hair on its faces than on the rest of the body, but Nuts raise it to a completely different level with facial hair that stretches over more than half of its tiny chest. This distinct look brought him the nickname “Chewbacca” from his loyal online followers.

All parents of pets know that their furry children have special characteristics that make them completely unique. But not a nut, Tatyana Kovalenok – first, at least. She did not pay attention to his long fur on his face, until Nuts followers on Instagram began to comment on his impressive beard. Since then, she refrained from cutting his beard with a groomer and left him to grow. Long beards are hip, so Nuts are in fashion with his sense of style. However, apparently, he does not care about his choice of clothes and instead enjoys going outside, driving in a car and finding a cozy place to sleep.

Scroll down to admire the Nuts epic beard, and then follow it instaGram

Nuts are a Belgian griffon that looks older (and cooler) than his four years thanks to his long beard.

His very long beard and color rightfully earned the nickname “Chewbacca” thanks to his loyal fans on the Internet.


You are adorable!

Aww he is so cute. I think his beard is characterful. I just want to give him cuddles.


Great beard ?? he must spend a lot in the barber to keep his style


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