Artist “Pibubear” Illustrated Her Daily Life With Her Boyfriend In These 30 Adorable Comics


HEY! We are PIBUBEAR, she is Pi, and he is Bu, we have been together since 2013. We are a young couple who love to share their lives and adventures through comics, which is why PIBUBEAR was born.  All I want is to make people happy and leave them with a warm and fluffy feeling, so every time I try to make my comics really useful, In real life, I’m not a very organized person. I swear a lot. Anyway, I  don’t like that kind of humor in adorable comics. The vast majority of Valerie’s comics are motivated by the day to day life and her relationship with her lover. In general, I despised most of the comics about a couple, so I decided to draw some myself, she said. Some of them were brought to life by my own thoughts, almost like creating a diary. I usually read webcomics, however, I try to delve deeper into German graphics books. We’ve compiled a list of her favorite comics. Scroll down and check out these helpful comics that most people will love.


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#1 To infinity and beyond

#2 Is that a super power?




#5 You can’t see me

#6 How many are with Bu











I can’t keep a secret for myself I always ended up telling Bu, the good thing is he is a good secret keeper






















Depicting her style as being fairly simple and somewhat motivated by Japanese chibi characters, she explains that she doesn’t like expressive eyes and leans towards the test of expressing as many facial expressions as possible in her comics using just two dots and a mouth.



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