Cartoonist Draws Simple Comics That Are Humorous And Silly (30 NEW COMICS)


Andrew Grossman has drawn cartoons throughout his creative career. His passion for this genre of illustration was formed during his student years and subsequently became his main focus of work. Over the past 30 years, Grossman has drawn thousands of cartoons for the media, including the Wall Street Journal and Woman’s World. His work has been acquired by global brands including PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble. In addition to creating his own cartoons on demand, Grossman is actively involved with Depositphotos. We asked Grossman about the cartoon market, its characters, and how the global pandemic has impacted his work. Cartoons are the life of Andrei Grossman. He has devoted decades to developing his characters and style, although drawing has nothing to do with his education. She began to draw caricatures as the brainchild of a poet. When I finished my English in college, I thought what I could do and thought I could try painting, ”Grossman told us.


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Although the cartoonist often uses dogs and cats as characters, you can still recognize them as typical people you meet in the office, on the street, or in the store. Andrew Grossman speaks of his characters with love: Cartoons are created by my imagination, but, in particular, they are created by characters that I have created over the years, many of whom are dogs and cats.It can take an artist from one hour to two full working days to create a cartoon. The more complex the drawing, the longer it will take to complete it. Andrew Grossman’s performance impressed us. The artist admits: I probably create about 3-6 cartoons a day on average. Andrew Grossman is one of Depositphotos’s most prominent contributors. We asked the artist why he uses microstock if he is a renowned artist with a large client base. Grossman told us that this approach allows him to unleash the potential of his huge base of illustrations.



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