Dog Hugs A Reporter Visiting A Shelter To Do A Story Until He, Allegedly, Decides To Adopt Her


This is a story about friendship at first sight. A view that never questions; just eat. The one that has been around for ages. Friendship between man and dog.

This particular moment occurred on one day, as on any other. The reporter visited an animal shelter to write a story, and did not expect anything else. However, suddenly a special puppy came up to him. The reporter had no treats or anything else, the dog just came up to him for the sole purpose of showering him with all his love and hugging him.

At first, the reporter did not know what to think about it. In the end, none of them had seen the other before. But the hug was so sincere that he had no choice but to accept it. The reporter began stroking the dog, rewarding it with the same positive vibrations that he received. It was a mutual exchange of presence in the present together. People standing nearby could not resist the powerful connection, so they began to record it.

When the reporter caressed the dog with love, it made the abandoned animal hold on to his leg even tighter. When the people who recorded the meeting approached to get an expression on her face, it became clear from the dog’s eyes that she was not going to let the reporter go.

It seemed that the puppy was listening to the universe, whispering a secret in her ear: he and the reporter were destined for each other.

They had a connection, and simply no one could deny it. Including a reporter. Thus, he did the only thing that was appropriate in such a situation. He adopted a sweet dog, giving her love home forever. Fortunately for us, the video appeared on the Internet, and we enjoyed the new precious beginning.

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