Domestic predator: a cougar named London lives in Perm


People are increasingly having exotic pets at home. If a kitten, then be sure to be predatory! Meet, this is an ordinary resident of the Perm region. His mistress, 33-year-old Natalya Koroleva, decided to start a cougar at home.


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The woman already had a Pomeranian Spitz named Bro, but she also wanted to have a kitten.


As a kitty at home, a little puma named London appeared.

He quickly fit into the life of the family, becoming a favorite pet.

London made friends not only with Bro’s Spitz, but also with her son Natalia.
At first, London was the smallest in this friendly company.

But then he grew up turning into a stately predator


London and Bro remain best friends, they walk and play together, and also sleep on a couch

London also gets along well with her son Natalia


Boy Roma – 8 years old

For my dog it is very noticeable that our friendship is forced, right?

Now London is 9 months old. The hostess says that the pet will be no more than a shepherd.

London lives in comfortable conditions, it has at its disposal a whole house with a private territory where you can frolic.


Admire what changes have occurred to the predatory cat!

My dear, tell me how to get to the meat?

Cute and funny


Professionally wrinkle my nose at the sight of photographers ?

Smile from the heart

Enough space for everyone!


And it tastes snowflakes

London behaves like an ordinary pet, loves to be petted.




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