Due to quarantine,the couple was offered to fly home without a dog, but they flatly refused (14 pics+1video)


The couple has been traveling the world for 6 years with their darling – a pug named Pebbles. Recently, guys were stuck in Costa Rica due to quarantine. They were offered the only option to fly to their homeland – on the condition that they fly without a dog.


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A couple from the UK, Abby and Hugh, travel the world with their beloved dog, a pug named Pebbles. The dog managed to become a real star of social networks, having traveled with the owners of 25 countries.



On March 12, the couple went to Costa Rica for three weeks, where, after some time, quarantine was introduced. The authorities closed all borders for foreigners, and the guys did not have the opportunity to return home. The British embassy invited the couple to take a return flight, however, with one condition – they had to fly without a dog, due to special requirements.


The couple flatly refused to leave the country without a favorite: When we were asked to leave Pebbles, we thought it was some kind of misunderstanding. We will never leave her – she is a member of our family, she is like our child, says the hostess.


Although the guys admit that everything could have been much worse for them, they are waiting for the ban to be lifted. After that, they will either continue their journeys or return to the UK, and most importantly, with their full complement.




The couple took Pebbles when she was only 10 weeks old, in September 2015. Since then, they traveled with a darling in 25 countries around the world, publishing her adventures on Instagram.




The guys left the UK on January 18, heading to Canada for two weeks. Then they flew to Mexico, planning to travel across America for two years, but after arriving in Costa Rica, they were quarantined.



While the quarantine continues, the guys are optimistic – after opening the borders they are going to continue traveling, as before. Pebbles is also looking forward to it!






Pebbles and her travels with the hosts



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