Emotional cat from Russia, similar to an owlet, conquers online space


Owlet? The little house? Cartoon creature? No, this is a cute cat named Zara, who lives with her mistress in the Moscow region. Her mysterious appearance, and especially unusual yellow eyes, made her popular on instagram: at the moment, almost 40 thousand people signed up for Zara’s account.

Zara lives a truly paradise life that any domestic cat dreams of: a bunch of soft surfaces, walks in the fresh air, a sea of food and care from your favorite owners. Photos capturing her leisure time, she is happy to share on her page.

as it is written in the profile of Zara herself, “they tell me that I am British Shorthair, but I’m not really sure about that.” Well, no matter what breed this kitty belongs to, we are delighted with its charm and grace, like thousands of other people around the world.


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