Frightened cat meowed plaintively, sitting on top of an electric pole


Sometimes animals can do something they will soon regret. However, they can no longer cope with trouble on their own. This story is just about such a case in the life of a cat.

The cat managed to climb onto the electric table. It is not known who drove him there, but he could no longer get on his own. The cat meowed plaintively, asking for help.

This incident occurred in the village of Blurdale Village in Toronto (Canada). Local residents, including the owners of the pet, saw the animal on top.

They contacted the Toronto Animal Services animal welfare service, but its staff said the pet should go down by itself.As a result, the domestic cat stayed for more than 6 hours on the post until the owners called firefighters.

Using a lift, they lowered a frightened and hungry cat to the ground. He will not sit far away and look high!

As a result, the cat safely returned to the owners!











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