Guy Asked If He Has “Issues With Personal Space” During Job Interview, Now He Knows Why!


The guy went for an interview at work in a medical clinic. He was asked a couple of unorthodox questions that made him think until he started working.


Now he knows why!

The man has applied for a job in the field of clinical research. During the interview he was asked about what he had never expected.


I w0ndered why during the interview, “D0 y0u like cats?” and “D0 you have pers0nal space problems?” were raised, “said Reddit user Chestman_unbound.

It turned out that these issues were completely relevant for this work. He answered “Yes” to the sympathy of cats and “No” to problems with personal space. These answers helped him get a job in the office.

I control clinical trials, so I write reports and subsequent letters from my boss. Only when I leave do we check the books and patient charts in the clinics or drop and return the medicine, ”he explained.

In the office of his boss there is a cat who loves nothing but hugging and rubbing everyone’s face. The kitten does not understand the meaning of personal space, or he decided to omit it.

The service cat will generously offer “help”, does the employee need it or not, but who can say “no”?Now everything is clear why he was asked these questions. The boss was looking for someone who could enjoy his cat’s company besides the qualifications needed to work.

Needless to say, the kitten was very “useful” and extremely affectionate with a new employee.The guy received a seal of approval from his office cat!


source lovemeow



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