I Combined My Love For Corgis into Comics (6 New Comics)


From time to time, we decorate helpful comics that make our day. It was the same for me, but just a year ago, when I was on hiatus, I decided to dive into creating my own comic book focused on the same goal of making people smile.

I experimented a bit and finally came up with Corgiyolk. This is exactly what it sounds like – corgi, mashed with egg. With the help of Corgiyolk, I have created a slice of life and positive comics on topics from Harry Potter to The Avengers and We Bare Bears. My goal? To brighten people’s day.

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#1 Yoga in the park

#3 the last panel is cute?..it was like *flop* “it’s ok to not be ok”?

#4 awww how cute of then to think of each other ❤️

#5 Awwww? so cute

#6 This made my day :] people make fun of my name so I can relate, plus the art is just soo cute


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