It’s an awkward feeling when pets live better than people


Here, in general, everything is the same as ours. Someone lives in an old decrepit kennel, while someone has their own cottage with a pool. The only difference is that animals do not need all these excesses, the main thing is that we are always there and love them.




#4 Orthopedic pillow, stained glass window, wooden facade – Alex knows a lot about details.

#5 This pug dog is not sad, he just ate a double portion of food and lay down on the softest handmade blanket.

#6 Ideal place for sunbathing.

#7 It’s more fun together! A spacious house for a couple, somewhere there should be a separate room to hide from your beloved wife.

#8 When tired of active games and you can relax in the shade of trees.

#9 The two-story mansion is a great place for an active bachelor of any breed. How do you like it?

#10 A bone? Going!

#11 Stylish house for a picky breed.

#12 Sometimes you need to stop for a moment, drop all dog affairs and enjoy the silence in the heart of the forest

#13 Tower for active goats and company.

#14 Paradise for cats.

#15 Ready for the holiday.


#17 This dog even has a pool.



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