Midge & Beatrix Love to Fight But are Really the Best of Furr-iends


Meet Midge Cat and her best friend Beatrix, Burmese Mountain Dog


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They first met when their human mother, Bambi Edlund, saved Midge like a kitten, and the couple have since become best friends. Bambi explains: it took her and Be just two days to start her ongoing boxing / gong show, and I even managed to catch the very first hit of the first round in the video.


Fortunately, none of these couples did harm to each other during their daily battles, and since this first video was posted on Instagram, they have attracted more than 21,000 followers.

Despite the fact that Beatrix is several times larger than the Midge, this energetic cat refuses to allow her size to be a flaw in their regular boxing competitions.

When they do not play fights, they are never far apart.


They even take their naps together…


Here they are chilling out on the sofa

Beatrix was so glad when Midge decided to join her in the snow!

It wasn’t us that ripped up the paper – honest!

Midge is not a scary cat when it comes to large dogs, here it is with cousin B …


If I fits…I sits!

Here she is as a kitten when she was all whiskers!


It’s such a lovely sight when we see two of our furry friends getting on so well



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