No one in the shelter could handle this wonderful color dog.


Dogs are different: someone else is puppy obedient and person-oriented, someone is a bully and a fidget, and someone is afraid and literally goes crazy with fear when people are nearby. To the latter belonged to the protagonist of this story, an unusual dog Elvis.


Elvis was in a shelter for homeless animals in Novosibirsk, when he was a little more than six months. A beautiful dog with a bright tiger color, a white shirt front and a proud look immediately attracted attention, but there was one problem: he was panicky afraid of people.

While walking, Elvis pulled the leash with such force that at times it almost crippled fragile female volunteers. Not everyone could cope with him, and to the end this dog did not trust anyone. He could only be helped by the most frequent classes with dog handlers and the increased attention of the shelter staff, who by all means tried to spend as much time with Elvis as possible. Unfortunately, this was not always possible to implement.
As time passed, Elvis grew up, but still remained extremely unsocialized. He was afraid of any harsh sounds, strangers, other animals, but still little progress was present in his behavior. Of course, it was not easy to build such a wild-dog, but the volunteers believed that he would be lucky.

One of the most experienced curators of the shelter, Irina, who more than once took responsibility for wild animals on herself, decided to work out with Elvis. She began to take him more often for walks, to educate and look for a common language with this difficult doggie.

In the skillful hands of Irina, Elvis became much calmer! He stopped pulling the leash for walks, obediently walked next to her and even crossed the road without too much fuss. It became clear that the dog has every chance of re-education.


Surprisingly, after the first successes, a suitable family was found for Elvis. Julia, well aware of all the problems of this boy, decided to give him a house.

Here is what the hostess said after a few weeks of living with Elvis:

Now we can say that Julia and her family members really had patience. For more than a year now, Elvis has been living in a new home and has been remarkably showing himself next to his beloved people. Thanks to his upbringing and care, he flourished and became a devoted friend to his masters. Isn’t that perfect?



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