The Artist “safely_endangered” Made 25 Comics And Hopefully These Might Make Your Day Better


Painted by the famous comics artist “safely_endangered” on Instagram, widely known as “safely_endangered” Comics sad, stingy, ironic, but funny And Dark. There are several topics not boring in “safely_endangered” comics. Especially those that need to be distinguished make fun of groups and them. There Is already a lot of hatred in this world. The artist has an Instagram Create account and keeps your fans up to date with new and fun cartoons. the effort of the year finally paid off with the acquisition of 1.6m Instagram followers. The number is still counting.


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#1 This is 100% accurate

#2 I am turtle


#3 Pictures taken moments before disaster

#4 The money makes itself duh. Stocks 101

#5 Put all the points in luck. Then your other points will max out bc you’re lucky

#6 my favorite


#7 I’m seriously considering the same

#8 Don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation


#9 I wanted to make a fun pun but there is nothing new under the sun.

#10 Lmao leave nuclear plants out of this, they just make nice and friendly water vapor

#11 The good old days are days when everybody just vibing n cruise control is at the wheel.

#12 This is wiggles. Wiggles and Mac would be good friends


#13 Truth. Puppies are so cute, but they pee and poop constantly. Then they start biting stuff, and that’s a whole other thing…

#14 This is dark and sad this is why kids never trust anyone.. also this gets dark real quick or maybe the birds are behind Derek but hid in leaves

#15 Dog’s are the best thing human could have!












#24 Misconception that dogs only see in black and white.


#25 That laptop one reminds me too much of a Family Guy cutaway gag.




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