The cat soothes a girlfriend-dog every time during a thunderstorm


When we suddenly become scared, everyone needs someone who will be there and support. For a dog named Moose, such a “sedative” is her best friend, the cat Marvin.


A family from the United States took a black cat named Marvin from the shelter. They decided that the cat would be a good friend to their seven-year-old dog, nicknamed Moose. At first, the owners worried how the animals would react to each other.


However, all their worries were in vain. From the very first day, the cat and the dog got along, and for all six months, while Marvin lives in the family, they became best friends. They play, fool around, eat and sleep together.

When the family moved to a new house not so long ago, the hostess began to notice that Muz was very afraid of loud noises. The dog started and hid in the corners every time, for example, when a thunderstorm started on the street.“I try to give her refreshments and calm, but she usually goes to the bathroom and hides there. This is her safe place,” the hostess says.

Marvin does not have the same fear of thunder, and once, the mistress accidentally saw a cutest picture. When Mus once again hid from a thunderstorm, trembling with fear, an attentive cat came to the bathroom to reassure her.

Marvin felt that something was wrong with his best friend, and came to support her in difficult times. “He went into the bathroom endlessly and checked if Mus was okay. They even kissed a couple of times,” the hostess says.


Now the cat does not depart from his dog friend each time she starts to be afraid of something. The owners are touched by the relationship of these two, and they are sure – this friendship for many years!


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