The friendly golden retriever stops and hugs everyone she sees on her walks


Loving and faithful dogs are man’s best friend for a reason, and each dog owner will confirm this. Although most dogs show affection for people with a tail pitchfork and lots of licking, Lubutin (or Labi for short) is a charming golden retriever who shows his love through a pleasant hug.


Whenever Luby walks with his owner Cesar Fernandez-Chávez, this is not a typical walk. The incredibly friendly dog ​​insists on stopping for a few minutes after hitting the sidewalk to greet the strangers – and when they stop to pet her, Luby loves to hug them, wrapping her front legs around her knees.

According to Fernandez-Chavez, Luby herself studied behavior, she just loves to cuddle with people who sometimes include completely strangers. Because of this, Luby’s daily walks in New York are a sight to behold.


Before Lubi wanted to give hugs to people, she wanted to hold hands. This particular tradition of hand ownership started back on Valentine’s Day in 2014, right after Fernandez Chavez stepped out of a long-term relationship.

Fernandez-Chavez explained,

She began to sit and grab my hands with both paws, and then crossed her other paw over her paw. I remember joking with friends: “At least I have someone who could hold hands during Valentines.

Soon, it became Lubi’s favorite pastime, and she quickly began to attract attention when she went out into the streets of New York.

Since then, on every walk, Luby always wanted to hold hands. This was a seemingly comforting answer for her, but passers-by could not help but stop to comment.

Then, a few years later, Luby began to demonstrate her affection in a different way – through an embrace.

Instead of insisting on holding hands, she sat very close to Chavez, right next to his feet.

Then she wrapped her legs around his knees. At first Chavez thought it was strange, but let her continue to do so.


And it was from there that her habit of cuddling continued. In fact, it only intensified.

She gets a very good grip, depending on where I stand. I have to make sure I keep well balanced, ”said Fernandez-Chávez


Luby quickly began hugging her in relation to others. She clearly loved making friends and spreading love – that’s why dogs are the best.

We run into neighbors whom she knew, and instead of just leaning on them, she began to hug them, and then random people who came to us

Luby quickly became the star of social networks – people lacked Luby and her hugs.

Despite the fact that Luby will generously give out hugs to others, she does not hug anyone. Sometimes she can be very picky, and a precious dog will hug only those with whom she has a connection.

Sometimes people run up and ask for a hug, but Chavez explains to them that she must first contact. But when she sits next to someone, it is much more likely that something will happen.


Luby seems to love hugging people – she wouldn’t do this if she hadn’t. And the people she hugs love that too.

To see more photos of the Luby Golden Retriever hugging you, you can go to her Instagram page.




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