The stubborn young husky amuses the hosts with her behavior


Our beloved pets always do something. Their behavior is not always logical, but often causes a smile.Paul and Cheryl Ramsey live on the Canadian island of Prince Edward. They have a 17 month old husky named Nala.

Nala is young and very playful. She often can’t understand what she wants: she can run out to the street to take a walk, but returns in a minute.

Once, when nobody was home, Paul received a call from a policeman. The man was on the road, as he was driving on business. The servant of the law asked if Paul lives in 402 houses and has a dog. It turned out that Husky Nala was sitting on the roof of her house. At first, the owner of the dog could not understand what was happening for a long time, but then the policeman sent him a photo.

The hosts laughed at this story for a long time. It turned out that after cleaning the house that day, Cheryl opened the window in the bedroom to ventilate the room, and the husky accepted this gesture as an invitation to a walk.

When Paul returned home, onlookers crowded around, but Nala managed to get off the roof and return back to the house.

Despite the fact that husky dogs are friendly dogs, they are also very stubborn. If you are planning something, then they can not be stopped.


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