There’s a new grumpy cat on the block, and her name is Kitzia


Grumpy Cat achieved fame in 2012, her “grumpy” facial expression amazed everyone, and she became one of the first creators of memes on the Internet and viral cats.Unfortunately, last year she passed through the rainbow bridge in the arms of her owner after complications caused by a urinary tract infection.

But she left a legacy to future feline authorities, especially those whose faces are naturally gloomy.Scroll down to meet Kittsia. New grumpy cat on the block!

Profile info instaGram

Like many grumpy cats before her, Kitsiya is a cute cat with a friendly personality that does not reflect the natural discontent on her face.

Kitsia lives in Florida with Victoria, who, as it turned out, is just a professional photographer – the couple makes up an excellent team, so it is not surprising that Kitia’s Instagram page has more than 83,000 followers.

Victoria created Kitia’s Instagram profile two years ago and has since shared photos and videos of her frowning kitten.

For those who are wondering, the name Kittiya actually means Kitty in her native language, Victoria, she moved from Ukraine to the United States six years ago.

Kitsia’s distinctive face fascinated everyone who saw her, and she received endless compliments for her views on social networks.

Despite the fact that she is called the new “grumpy cat”, we think that she has a special look that belongs to her.


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