These Hilarious Comics to Bring Some Kindness Into Your Day. ( 30 Comics BY “The Jenkins”)


Created by the famous comics artist “Jenkins” on Instagram, widely known as Jenkins Cartoons sad, stingy, ironic, but funny. There are several topics not boring in thejenkinscomic comics. Especially those that need to be distinguished make fun of groups and them. There is already a lot of hatred in this world. The artist has an Instagram Create account and keeps your fans up to date with new and fun cartoons. The effort of the year finally paid off with the acquisition of 59k Instagram followers. The number is still counting.


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#12 Hopefully he’s not mad never woodwork while mad I have the scar to prove it


#13 He pissed

#14  That pun was dino-mite

#15 Oh no! My every social interaction


#16 Oh this one’s got layers

#17 furiously starts sharpening the meter stick

#18 Aah the levels in this joke took me a second


#19 Man, I wish there was a word for how I have my horses set up, it would save so much time versus explaining it.

#20 Hiding Place”


#21 almost cartoon logic, everyone knows it’s when they look down then they fall

#22 I can’t be learning maths history or whatever like this

#23 Yup, it is a difficult joke. But nice try!

#24 Fun fact: while portrayed in media as being the top of the top, having a black belt is not that impressive. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are more talented. Through dedication and time you can get one. AKA: if you enjoy the hobby and do it consistently, you can get a black belt.


#25 the only possible explanation as to how Jenkins could think this up was because this actually happened to him IRL, even the comic shows him

#26 Fake it till you make it.







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