This Artist Shares Her Relatable And Hilarious Comics About Life’s Silly Moments (30 NEW COMICS


Everyone in life has a different experience and lives in an unprecedented way. However, there are some things we can all relate to, or at least laugh about. These things happen to most of us, and we don’t even know it. This artist, Kristen Pinpin (better known as Plamondon on Instagram), shows this. The artist creates multi-related comics and touches on topics such as relationships, motherhood, and pregnancy, as well as many stupid, unrealistic and unexpected comics that will make your day even brighter. The artist wants to show that you are not alone and that many people go through the same things. Kristen recently became a mother, so if you are a parent, you will have a lot to do with her illustrations. The artist recently gave birth to a baby with her husband and created more topics to write about. He makes comics about the struggles of pregnancy and how difficult it is, things like parenting and raising a baby, but also draws stupid and simple illustrations.

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The artist tells us some crazy truths about his life: Hoo boy, I have a lot to say. I adopted, grew up in a cult, lived in three countries, traveled to many places I’ve been, and my newest adventure is motherhood.  I don’t want to sound pretentious, but for now. I would say that I live a very strange life. It was stressful, and I think my sense of humor emerged as a coping mechanism, but it also got richer. With these experiences, I learned to be stagnant and have a comfortable lifestyle by teaching me more than I could. The more you see, the more you hear people’s stories, the wider the world opens up.


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