Woman Leaves Her Cat Alone In The Yard, Comes Back To A Glitch In The Matrix


Devi Larsen from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, recently experienced something really strange. She has a cat named Loki who loves to be on the street, once Devi heard a noise in the street. When she went out, she found a clone of her cat and Loki, staring at each other with hatred in her eyes.  As Devi tried to figure out what to do, the chaos fell apart.


Devi shared an abridged version of this story : I heard them screaming at each other, so I ran upstairs to find two identical cats staring at each other. It was pure chaos since I had no idea which one was mine. Looking back, I probably should have just sprayed them with water to stop it, but that was the moment, and I did everything I could! Once I found out who is who is when everything went downhill. In addition, I forgot when I finally managed to separate them, I put fat Loki in my house and he hit my dog, who was just trying to check if he was okay. Fortunately, Loki was okay for the other cat, Devi couldn’t check the other, as he ran away as fast as he could.

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Today I ruined everything, leaving my cat on the street. First of all, I will start with the background of my fat cat. He is a “home” cat, but he tries to go out at every opportunity. I did not want him to be a street cat, so we compromised, and he is a street cat. In the past, I left him on a long leash and with a light collar, but since then he realized that he is thick enough to jump from him, and he will easily break. Then I went to the seat belt, which he then realized that he just needed to retreat. Now it’s so strong with me that it can’t take it anymore (it can still pierce my fingers, don’t worry, gentle souls).


In any case, I thought I would be polite and let him go a little while I was working below. There I talk on the phone with a client who does not stop asking questions, and I begin to hear screams of sheer death coming from my yard. I am trying to get rid of my client so that I can get to my cat and find out what unholy hell he went to himself. My client continues to say something random that he should have said before, because it no longer mattered. So I’m kind of “yes, good, yes” trying to get rid of him, and also getting nervous, he hears horror in the background

Finally, I get off the line and rush up, thinking that my cat jumped over the fence and now hangs from the line (I always have it shorter than the distance to the fence, but I thought I found a way to fool me again).

I immediately see that I was completely wrong, and I think that I am stumbling, or there is another cat whale that looks identical to mine.

I take a quick photo in case this cat leaves, so that I can publish it on the Internet to try to find its owner.

They are both as thick and curvy as tomorrow, I can’t say who is who. I thought I could tell them apart, because my cat wears a leash, right? Not. Once again he somehow removed Houdini from the belt, so now I have two pagans snarling at each other, and I have no idea which one is mine

Finally, I see that the other cat has a black tourniquet, so I quickly grab it and go to hold my cat. Before I can, he starts himself faster than this monstrous beast has ever moved in his life. He is actively engaged in this other cat, and they beat each other like PB and jelly


I manage to separate them relatively easily, and I pick up my cat and hold another so that I can check for wounds after I get inside. Big mistake. This cat rushes to my foot and scratches my arm. Meanwhile, my cat is also trying to demolish another cat and is also attacking me.

“I’m taking my cat inside, and another creepy beast is now trying to jump over the fence. But he is so fast that he jumps and literally glides along the fence in slow motion, like a cartoon character. I try to catch him, but he’s amazingly fast for snorlax. I’m going back inside to take a treat to seduce him, but he left and I only had a 15-minute break at work.


“I wanted to check on him to make sure he was fine, but I no longer had time to look for him. I left him some food to see if he would return. I believe that he can be injured, but a guy of his height should maintain his calories. ”

My arm is a little swollen and sore to move. ”

Many people expressed concern about her hand and advised the owner to go to the doctor.

Later, she published a message about her injury: “Just returned from doctors, got a tetanus shot and some antibiotics, thanks everyone!

Here’s what Reddit had to say about this adventure.


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