10 healthiest fruits for your dog


It is very common that on more than one occasion your dog has given you some fruit at the time of the meal, specifically or rather, at the time of “Your food” looks at you with that captivating look for See if piece of your food is dropping. Surely also more than once you have wondered which of all the fruits you have given them on occasion could be beneficial or healthy. We leave you a list with the 10 healthiest fruits for your dog, so that you stay calm, since as we know well, fruits are very nutritious foods and above all, delicious for your dog, which although it may seem otherwise, dogs They are fruit lovers, at least most of them, since they have a very intense flavor.


Fruits for your dog!

#1 Apples: This excessively delicious fruit for dogs is good for them, but you must eliminate the center and any seeds they have. This will prevent a blockage of the intestine from occurring, however slight it may be.

#2Bananas or bananas: This fruit with good consistency and easy to digest, is the favorite of dogs, in addition, as with humans, it will improve, and much, digestion.

#3Blueberries: This fruit is great for a dog, they can be used as prizes when we want to teach them tricks or reward their good behavior. We advise giving them mixed so that they do not drown with them.

#4 Kiwi: This fruit is very refreshing, in addition to that its acid touch loves all dogs, especially in summer with great heats.

#5 Lemon: This fruit is wonderful, it boosts the immune system, but the best of all is to see the face that your dog puts when eating this fruit so excessively acidic haha.

#6 Oranges: A very juicy fruit that every living being loves, as always, avoid giving them the seeds or the peel.

#7 Peaches: Fruit also highly recommended. The best way to supply it would be in porridge or cut.

#8 Pineapple: This fruit is rich in vitamins, it has a lot of favor, for that reason, it is a favorite too.

#9 Strawberries: This fruit is very good for them, it has a lot of Vitamin C and it also strengthens their immune system. In addition, you can mix it with cookies for dogs to enjoy even more.

#10 Watermelon: Perhaps it is the fruit that refreshes every living being, especially dogs. It prevents the seeds that could cause a large intestinal obstruction from being eaten.



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