Children and large dogs in photographs by Andrei Seliverstov


When you are small, almost all the most interesting things in the world are bigger than you. Even own pets. For four months, the Russian photographer Andrei Seliverstov took pictures for his book entitled “Little Children and Their Big Dogs”. His pictures, which depict tiny babies compared to their pets, are simply mesmerizing.

In a series of photographs you can see dogs such as dogs and Newfoundlands that rise above the little ones, while the photographer in his photographs tries to clearly distinguish their mutual love for each other.

The kids themselves are not taller than 60 centimeters tall, the dogs are so big that they don’t even need to ride the children, as if they were horses.

58-year-old Andrei Seliverstov, who shot them for four months in St. Petersburg, hopes to show that large dogs are as friendly with children as smaller breeds.

“I created my pictures only with balanced dogs, which have a stable psyche and complaisant character, as they are open to establish relationships with both adults and children. In the photographs, I’m just trying to reach and convey the mutual contact between the child and the dog. ”

Andrei himself has a 5-year-old spotted dog named “Orchidea Monamor”. He has long been a lover of large breeds, and once, more than 25 years ago, a man had a long-haired St. Bernard. With his love for big dogs, the photographer traveled around the world, filming these animals at various exhibitions.

One summer, friends asked him to take a picture of their huge mastiff with their little 2-year-old daughter Alisa, after which the idea of creating a book was born. The girl was very tiny compared to the 5-year-old Sean, a huge Danish Great Dane, who weighed 82 kg. Then, Andrey posted the photos of the girl and the mastiff, along with pictures of baby Theo and his Newfoundland Ringo, on social networks where they were very fond of people.

“They said that it was quite touching, and I decided to continue working on the project,” says Andrei.

The main goal of the project is not just to create a cool picture, but to show the whole depth of the relationship between the children and their large dogs. Some photographs of the photographer include his grandchildren and children of friends. The most huge dog in the project was a 5-year-old long-haired Saint Bernard named Misha, his weight reached 98 kilograms. Andrei managed to photograph him, sitting motionless, while the baby Matvey, who was not even two years old, gently clapped him in the face.


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