She almost never gets off her big friend’s back!


Their names are Lulu and Blizzard. They met long ago when Lulu was still a puppy. And almost immediately she chose Blizzard as her defender, but he did not mind. Since then, this couple is inseparable. Wherever they go, Blizzard carries Lula on her back, because there she feels safe.



“She accepted Blyizard as a parent,” said David Mazzarella, the couple’s dad. “She began to sleep on his back for warmth and comfort.”

But very soon, Lulu began to not only sleep on Blizzard’s back – she began to ride on his back.

Blizzard now carries Lulu wherever they go. Are they going to go sightseeing …

… on an excursion …


… or just watching TV, Lulu is always perched on Blizzard’s back. This is her favorite place. And, it seems, Blizzard does not mind at all.

And, of course, if for some reason Lulu is not on Blizzard’s back, she begins to get angry. In the end, Blizzard is a very convenient “transport”.

Lulu and Blizzard are best friends, and Blizzard will carry Lula anywhere and for as long as she wants.


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