The hosts slammed the door in front of the hopeless dog


For a month, caring residents of Petrozavodsk noticed a sad dog with funny standing ears in one of the housing estates. They called her Fox for a red coat and a similar muzzle. People decided to help the girl, but it turned out that she had owners – they just thought that there was nothing wrong with the fact that the pet spends most of its time on free walk.

At first, Fox was only occasionally released for a couple of hours into the street, but soon when cold November came, they completely stopped letting her into the house. The family did not need the dog, and she had no one to hope for. Fortunately, a group of good people, led by volunteer Alexandra, did not pass by the trouble of Chanterelle.

The dog was washed, shown to veterinarians and taken to a home overexposure. The fox was still quite a puppy – she was 8 months old – very meek and naive. She lacked upbringing, but this situation was fixable: volunteers tried to deal with her and take them out on time just in time to accustom Fox to the daily routine.

The soft and tender Chanterelle devotedly and hopefully looked into the eyes of everyone who spoke with her. She loved to chew on toys and bones, tried to behave obediently, learned to walk on a leash. Alexandra even managed to teach her several teams!

During walks, the Fox focused only on the person nearby and never tried to dominate. She got along well with children and cats, and because of the specifics of life in the past family, she always protected her loved ones with a voiced bark.

The beautiful Fox was ready to find her permanent home, but she needed very reliable and kind owners who would not betray her trust. Natalya and Yuri decided to get to know the Fox better and began to visit her regularly. The couple consulted with Alexandra, trying to find out all the features of the character of this affectionate red-haired girl.

When Natalya and Yuri studied Lisa in detail and acquired everything necessary for her, she moved to live in a new house. At first, the girl was naughty and made attempts to gnaw something forbidden, and once she even stole a cottage cheese casserole from the table! But the owners were not embarrassed, and they gave the pet a chance.

Now Lisa is called Santa and she is absolutely happy with her masters. Together they take long walks in the fresh air, play and relax in the evening watching movies. A gentle dog has found its happiness thanks to the help of a whole group of caring people – this cannot but rejoice!

Do your pets do little pranks? Maybe they steal something from the table or from other secret places? Tell us in the comments!


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