A tied squeaking bag with a puppy was thrown to the doors of the shelter


Employees of the Shelter Shelter, arriving at work, found a tightly tied bag at the door. They knew too well what awaited them inside, therefore they were not surprised when they got a frightened and dirty puppy out of there. Unfortunately, people often get rid of animals that they do not need in a similar way.


The puppy turned out to be a girl, still very small and in need of a mother. They bought it, fed it and examined it carefully. Fortunately, the baby did not have time to catch a dangerous illness or get injured. She was called Nastena and was shared in an aviary for other puppies.


After a couple of months, Nastya grew up into such a beauty! Maybe there were huskies or huskies in her family? She very much resembled outwardly representatives of similar breeds. Clever, nice and beautiful Nastena quickly won the sympathy of everyone who happened to get to know her


Nastena had a very shy, sometimes even shy disposition. But as soon as she got to know the man better, she immediately threw herself into his arms, licked and wagged her tail, looked trustingly into her eyes and called for the game. The charm itself, not a puppy!

Time passed, Nastya grew up and became more beautiful. Volunteers wanted to attach her to the house, but once the director of the enterprise came to the shelter. He was looking for a guard dog, young and loyal. His choice fell on Nastena, and the volunteers, taking the promise from the man to provide the girl with everything necessary, still decided to give it to the guest.

Over time, we can safely say that they have not in vain trusted their intuition! Nastena faithfully serves and guards the enterprise. She has her own spacious warm booth and aviary, a long chain with a cable, and most importantly – the love of the people around her. In the evenings, she goes for walks with the watchman, and in the morning she receives numerous strokes from the workers.


Volunteers regularly receive video greetings from their ward. For example, in this video, you can see how this radiant dog rejoices at the arrival of friends.

Love your pets and remember that the responsibility for their lives lies with us. And if suddenly a dog lives at your place of work, make sure that it is sterilized (or neutered), healthy and happy with life!





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