Cats offended this quiet and unable to fend for themselves cat


Zoo volunteer Yana from Izhevsk did not plan to take on new wards, but when she saw a frozen, plaintively mewing cat on a brick wall, she could not pass by. The girl took her with her and took her for examination to the veterinarians.


The kitty was young – about a year and a half, almost healthy and very affectionate. After sterilization and the necessary medical procedures, it could be sent for home overexposure. Yana called her ward Toffee and posted information about her in the group of the “4 Paws” fund in the social. network.


Serious problems began in the apartment overexposure of the meek Toffee. Other cats and cats offended her, scratched, chased and hissed, and if Toffee was locked in a cage, she screamed heart-rendingly, attracting even more attention from her relatives. Why is it that they treated a modest girl – it’s hard to say: maybe they felt that she could not fend for herself?

I had to find another overexposure for my ward, where there would not be so many cats. The toffee, being far from the aggressive crowd of its relatives, calmed down, fluffed up and became even more affectionate cat.

Everything in this beauty was good: both a soft, unobtrusive character, and an affectionate disposition, and a desire to constantly be with a person, enjoying his attention. But time passed, but no one was willing to toffee: wasn’t this kitty destined to become the master?


Fortunately, she still managed to find her real home! Toffee went to live in a family in a couple to another kitty – not aggressive and very sociable. With her, she quickly found a common language and felt safe.

Now, Toffee is fine: she is a happy domestic cat, well-fed and pacified. It’s good that there are still people who take animals from shelters and from the hands of volunteers to their homes!














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