The wife secretly from her husband took his beloved dog away from home


The first meeting of employees of a shelter for homeless animals in Novosibirsk with this unusual dog named Leva took place on the road. An enthusiastic handsome man somewhere quickly ran, not noticing dangerous passing cars, but when people called him, he obediently approached them.


So Leva became a resident of the Novosibirsk shelter. Volunteers immediately realized that the dog is home. He was very well-groomed, knew the teams, obediently walked on a leash. Despite numerous announcements, the former owners did not come for him.

The handsome Leva had a very bright appearance: large powerful legs, a dark color, bright eyes, erect ears. And what a character he had! Pesel adored playing, smiling and having fun with people, amazed everyone around with his sweet naivety and spontaneity, which did not fit in with his handsome appearance. It is not surprising that he was quickly noticed and taken to a new house at one of the shelter’s distribution shows.


A few months after the addition of Leva, volunteers noticed a limping dog, surprisingly similar to it, not far from the shelter. What was their surprise when they realized that this was their former ward! The call to the owners confused the situation even more: the man was on a business trip in another city, and on the phone sounded extremely surprised and upset that Leva was found on the street.

As it turned out, the owner really loved Leva, but his wife didn’t. When the husband went on a business trip, she threw the dog a few stops from the territory of the shelter. It was fortunate that Leva was able to independently reach the volunteers and escaped with only a slight limp – who knows what could happen during his wanderings!
The shelter staff decided not to return the dog to the betraying family.

Soon, Leva recovered from what happened and again began to behave as before. His optimism and energy during the walks could only be envied! He never showed aggression to other dogs, always listened to a person and behaved simply exemplary. Soon the next owners again looked at him again – people seemed to the volunteers to be positive and responsible.

But what was the surprise of the curators of Leva, when they asked the new owners to send a photo from the new life of the dog. People rebelled with strange phrases, so the volunteers went to see him in person. What they saw shocked them: the lean, sad and obviously hungry Leva sat in the courtyard on a short chain, his head bowed. The guy was again taken to the shelter, fed and warmed.

Now reliable and proven hands are found for Leva. He lives in an apartment, debunking the myths that a large animal has no place in an ordinary urban dwelling. The owners regularly send photos and videos with the participation of their pet and try to do everything to make him happy!


We hope that the third extension of Leva will be happy for him. Looking at this video, I want to think that this time he was really lucky with the owners!



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