Corgi and his funny face – a new meme on the Internet


Just open the page of this charming Corgi on Instagram, and we guarantee that it will be impossible to come off! Somehow, in every photo, he comes out incredibly funny, and an expression of his face is easy to turn into a real meme.

Corgi nicknamed Gene 4 years old, he lives in Japan and is considered a real star of social networks. Thanks to the unique facial expressions and increased emotionality, any picture with the participation of Gene becomes a photobomb. Estimate yourself!


It’s hard to believe, but Gene was born with a whole bunch of serious diseases, including heart and kidney failure. Thanks to the love and care of people, he lives a full, fun and adventurous life. The owners say that maybe he will live less than a healthy dog, but they are ready to make each new day bright and saturated for him!

Most of all, Gene loves to eat tight and delicious: videos where he demonstrates his food cravings gain tens of thousands of views. Korzhik often appears in different images, trying on costumes, loves to walk long and energetically, spend time in the company of people.


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