A man found kittens frozen to the ground


An employee of the oil company found three kittens that had frozen their tails and could not move. In the man’s hands was a cup of coffee, and with the help of a hot drink, he froze the kittens.


An oil company employee, Kendall Divish, found three kittens near the oil well that were frozen with their tails and paws.
The man had a mug of coffee in his hands and he poured kittens out of it. The hot drink melted the ice and the kids were able to move.

After a miraculous rescue, the kittens were warmed in the car and fed.

“I found three kittens near a country road, near one of my wells. Cruel owners threw pets to their own devices. Poor kittens literally froze in the ice and apparently stayed there all night. All animals today went to their new home, where they eat, drink and have fun. Thank you all for your attention and suggestions to shelter the rescued kittens, ”Kendall wrote on Facebook. All kittens found their home, and already live with their new owners.



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