Animals that live with children go to paradise without waiting in line


Children and animals love each other very much. It just often happens that what children consider fun and funny game for their pets becomes a real torment. These poor animals will surely curse the day when they first met the human cub, however, they continue to love them immeasurably.

Patients should be examined very carefully.

Even if patients don’t really want to

Children also love to use their animals as coasters and pillows.

Especially in this regard, large dogs are not lucky

They generally ride all and sundry

However, cats

See how much pain and despair in his eyes

But this one has already given up and even stopped resisting

Fear and Loathing in a Poor Dog’s Family

– Smile, mister, we are being photographed

And this guy seems to have forgotten to ask if he wants to participate in a masquerade

A small message will never hurt, but somehow the dog is not particularly happy

Be patient, bear with me

Seals in houses with children are also not at all sweet



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