15 parents who DEFINITELY didn’t want animals – but couldn’t resist their charms


Have you ever gone through that phase of wanting a pet so badly and your dad giving a loud “No” loudly?


Sometimes all they need is to have contact with the pets so that their hearts melt completely. And these stories show this with mastery, come see:

He said he would never want to raise a dog

“My father is a mechanic and has always been a little rough. I never wanted to have a cat, but today she combs her prince carefully every day ”


In the past, he was against adopting a cat, and today he spends hours in front of the supermarket shelves checking every ingredient in the cans of cat food, after all, he doesn’t want his buddy to get sick in the stomach

“He always takes thousands of pictures of our 10-year-old kitten to post on Instagram, and that’s because he was completely against the cat in the beginning”

No cat comes in here! ”

“When I went to university and had to move, I left my cat at my parents’ house. Now she just stays with my dad, and before they didn’t even get along ”


He said he would never allow a rodent inside the house. Today we have the guinea pig, Casper, which only feeds on my father’s hands ”

He swore for 20 years that he would never have a cat. Today, he takes his feline friend for a stroll in a stroller, as there are foxes and coyotes in the region


My father didn’t want a dog, but today the dog is his favorite son ”

Has this ever happened to you?



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