20 Wholesome And Funny Comics By An American Artist Will Make Your Day Better (20 New Comics)


Learning new things is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. And Michael, the creator of Light Roast Comics, knows this. He is an American guy who currently lives in Germany and recently embarked on a creative journey. I started drawing funny comics in February this year, Michael told. The Light Roast comics are (supposedly) fun and sometimes thought-provoking webcomics, and their themes are almost entirely random, with a few recurring characters and storylines. Everyday life plays an important role in Michael’s creative process.


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#1 Good fortune

#2 I never thought about doing this on purpose. That is a true power move, thank you


#3 When I grow up I wanna be an influencer

#4 How I watch tv

#4 Kids these days

#5 Almost time for my annual tradition!


#6 Cool kids

#7 Inky the Ghost


#8 Pinky the Ghost


I’m usually inspired by talking to friends and the ideas I have while running. Personally, I don’t find vulgar and obscene things very funny, so I try to stay away from such topics by sticking to good advice and some wild fried foods. And any of my funny comics can genuinely hurt or offend someone – obviously you can take this concept to the extreme. But if people don’t like checking my funny drawings, then it’s a waste of time. I usually submit ideas I’m not sure about from a few friends and other artists to get their life advice. Less than a year ago, I never thought that I would draw comics or show the best stories of life, but now this is a significant part of my schedule, and I have a lot of fun out of it,” concluded Michael. … I hope that my relatively simple example can encourage more people to take a step forward in their creativity and try something new.

















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