25 Hilarious Comics By Artist “Weinye” Will Make Your Day Bright And Better


Companies have copied artwork many times for their own benefit. But the story is different. Weinye Chen Domino, a 30-year-old cartoonist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, took immediate action when he found out that Che Domino was using funny jokes on his Facebook page. After an initial silence, the company sent some information that it was a bit of a passive aggressor. I was shocked at first,” Chen told Mashable. I used to be a copywriter, but usually small, random social media accounts or unknown websites. There is nothing like that. It was the biggest meeting of my copyright infringement.  Chen, who has more than 227k Instagram followers, shared screenshots of all the hardships with his fans and soon went viral. I knew I needed support as I had never been in this position before, Chen explained. There have been many other cases in which large companies have stolen art from Indian artists, and for the most part, these cases are never resolved and the artists are left helpless and helpless. So, I really care about that.


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#1 The neverending cycle for me

#2 Heartbreaks SUCK!


#3 Wear make-up, don’t wear make-up, do whatever you like. Just let me liiivvveeee

#3 I don’t mind eating with my hands, but that sink would drive me insane and attract bugs, which would also drive me insane. That’s disgusting.

#4 Normally I have a decent experience since I do my best to be kind and polite since the reps are probably getting yelled at by angry people. The only time I get honestly cheesed off is when the company had those dumb automated systems that purposely send you in loops to keep you from talking to a person.


























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