An Artist Draws the Little Things in a Relationship That Make Life Brighter, and It’s More Than Touching


One is an icon depicting herself and her husband’s life, and the lives and adventures of their dogs have become a collective joke called “Three Under the Rain”. It highlights the fun, cute, and romantic aspects of its time, and many of its followers can be easily linked. From jokes about being short to little moments, this joke has something for everyone. So, we chose the 22 best works we could think of!


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#1 So true  I got up early to take the garbage out; washed my hands to settle back in bed with my phone. Didn’t realize when I slept again. Wasn’t a good idea at all and I never learn

#2 this is so cute… we are too aclimatizing throughout the day


#3 I think what is happening is… you are finding everything beautiful especially because he’s around you and you are trying to share all of that with him

#4 I usually don’t even have to ask, as soon as he notices my cold feet he warms them up with his legs An old favorite for days like these, when even if the weather is becoming warmer, my feet are as cold as ever

#5 I love it when this happens

#6 mentioning my crush telepathically* hope they can feel the virtual kisses now


#7 Happens all the time, especially since I’m in culinary school! We like to call them battle scars

#8 Ice chewer all the way. It’s a snack and a refreshing drink in one cube


#9 He always knows when one of us is coming home

#10 What a legit way to play with her long hair… he’s not gonna past this opportunity

#11 A bit of our story with rain

#12 I prefer cold sheets.















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