This Legendary Cartoonist’s Comics Are Just What You Need To Brighten Your Day (20 New Comics)


Mark Parisi is a New England artist who has been creating funny Off the Mark comics for almost 34 years. Over the years, the artist has created more than 10,000 cartoons, and they are still as daring and accurate as they were when they first came out. In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Mark said that he knows he wants to draw as long as he can hold a pencil. Some of his biggest inspirations were American cartoonist Charles M. Schultz and MAD magazine, although it wasn’t until he saw Gary Larson’s comics that he realized which comics he should be doing. Now I am inspired by everything that happens in life, from pets to pop culture and pandemics, the artist admitted.


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#1 Took me a second to get it

#2 You deserve a treat


#3 We should be real children in a world of truth, but Jimminy Cricket and the fairy probably just use TikTok

#4 Petflix or Petporn in the Drama section?

#5 Welcome to my FED talk

#6 I think she should “give birth” in the back seat


#7 Been so long

#8 Monday Monday


#9 Turn to the left. Turn to the right..

#10 Odd that we think of the Easter bunny as male

#11 Mira’s going to be pissed!

#12 YES!


#13 Reminds me of the Otto Pilot scene in Airplane

#14 I dunno, have any Red Sox ventured past second yet this year

#15 Happy Sunday!


#16 I would definitely vote for the candidate who has everything

#17 Are you a criminal?

#18 Be careful out there. It’s a slippery slope


#19 Yesss… so disgusting that s/he wants to ROLL IN IT!

#20 Happy Tuesday


#21 Congratulations!

#22 It’s warming up.

#23 Mom, you’re the best!

#24 I’ll stop the world and melt with you


#25 At least that’s what AutoCorrect said it was today..



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