These 20 Adorable Comics will Make Your Day Better And Hopefully, That Might Cheer You up


Painted by the famous comics artist “guyelnathan” on Instagram, widely known as Libearty Cartoons sad, stingy, ironic, but funny. There are several topics not boring in Libearty comics. Especially those that need to be distinguished make fun of groups and them. There is already a lot of hatred in this world. The artist has an Instagram Create account and keeps your fans up to date with new and fun Couple Comics. the effort of the year finally paid off with the acquisition of 135k Instagram followers. The number is still counting.

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#2 I wish you knew how much we love what you do! I’m an anxious person myself and I can relate to ALL your comics. But seeing “myself” drawn makes me truly care about your well-being. Anyways, take care always, have fun, take the pressure out, take your meds, play Nintendo ? Sending my love to you 3


#4 Mama Mia…can you clean the house, please

#5 I was enjoying this until I was reminded about life

#6 What cheers YOU up? ❤️


#8 This is so annoying I hate when people see me in a bad mood and go out of their way to ask me for something

#9 Lmaooo I need mine, a secret stash for emergencies like this one


#11 Most Loveable

#12 Nice trick, but I must admit u got us for a while…

#13 You know guys, when someone is feeling down the best way is to try and comfort them instead of making a competition about who has it worse.







#20 Any cutenugly people in your life?


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