22 Dogs Who Forgot To Put Their Tongues Away


Have you heard about the blop? This is the thing where the dog leaves a little of its tongue sticking out of its mouth (not to be confused with bluffing, which is the same thing with cats), and it is never amazing. (Editor’s Note: There is debate about whether the dog’s tongue sticking out in this way is called “blap” or “blap.” Please feel free to weigh in the comments.)

Credit Cuteness

#1 Blop ’til you drop.

#2 Freshly washed and ready for blops.

#3 His favorite game is hide-and-blop.

#4 Roly poly blop.

#5 Quadruple blop!

#6 Dare you not to say “Aww!

#7 Grumpy old man blop

#8 Teeth? Who needs ’em?

#9 A wee little blop.

#10 If I do a good blop, can it be dinnertime?

#11 Nap time blop with bonus puppy fat

#12 Just chilling and blopping, ya know.

#13 Ahh, warm and cozy blop

#14 Photobombblop


#15 Sleepy pupper blop

#16 Blop of the mornin’ to you

#17 Taste the rainbow.

#18 Probably a powerful blop/snore combo

#19 Blopping with the best of them.

#20 A long snooted blop.

#21 The squishiest blop ever.

#22 That “just woke up” feeling.


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