A dog that disappeared during a tornado has lost weight over months of wandering


Animals sometimes save their people. So, during a tornado, the dog warned the sleeping owners about the threat, but then disappeared.


Bella – a dog of the breed Australian Shepherd – a real heroine. She saved her masters, Eric and Faith Johnson from Tennessee, by warning of a tornado.


The owners hid in the bathroom, survived the crisis and escaped, but their house was destroyed. After the elements ceased to rage, the owners found that their dogs were nowhere to be found.

The couple tried to find the animal, but to no avail. Then the neighbor began to say that they saw a similar dog near the city. Then Eric and Faith began to leave around the city food and pieces of cloth, which, they hoped, would help the dog find the way home.

And only two months later, Bella again met with her owners! Thanks to Sarah Romain, who organized a squad to search for animals missing during the tornado, the dog was found. Word of mouth worked great! The local hairdresser said that he saw at his salon a doggie resembling a missing Bella.

Frightened and emaciated, Bella was caught and sent home!


Fortunately, the rest of the dog was healthy.

After bathing, she happily lounged in her favorite master’s bed.


Only thanks to Bella we survived, she saved us! – said the owners of the dog. – Without her, our life would not have been so happy, so we could not find a place until she was at home.”

Finally, Bella is at home!



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