22 Things That Only People Born Before The 90s Will Understand (20+ COMICS)


As a child of the 80s, I often feel nostalgic for that era. Sometimes I hear myself speak and speak like my grandparents when they boasted that things were better “before”.To be honest, I think things were better before. Ha! The eighties were a great time to live, and those who disagree with them simply did not exist. But let’s be honest, some things are much easier now, right? I created a comic series called Stranger Things from the Past because some things are better now and some were better then. I was delighted with this. It was a little time travel and I hope you take a trip too! If you want to see more of my comics, check out my previous posts here and here.

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#18 This, right here is what pisses me off about cellphones. It’s not that people fact-check me, it’s that they believe the first thing they find, which isn’t always accurate. Sometimes you have to read multiple sources and draw a conclusion from them, rather than just read Wikipedia and believe what it tells you.

#19 She looks cute in her ’80’s clothes. She just needs black lace Madonna gloves

#20 Oh the good times before cyberchondria existed! For example, my throat tickles I just googled it and of course, cancer is among the first results.

#21 The internet brought them out in their droves. Apart from small children in school who enjoyed bullying other kids, no one was doing this. But now, with not having to actually go face to face, they feel safe enough to abuse people into a mental breakdown – this isn’t the fault of the internet, humanity is cruel.

#22 remember watching porky’s in my small black and white tv in the corner of my room carefully listen to the noise in the house in case of my parent coming in


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