30 Adorable Comics That Hilariously Sum Up What It’s Like Living With A Dog By This Artist


Pug Moti is no ordinary dog. Furbabi is the sweetest ball whose life is full of excitement and joy de Vivre (if we accept the fact that dogs are also capable of experiencing this chic-sounding emotion) in all the little daily chores he goes through. In fact, it seems like Mochi’s main job is to be a cute dog that he completely nips day after day. The adorable pug was also the inspiration for the comic book series by Spanish artist Gemma Jené, who currently resides in New York. Gemma’s adorable drawings of her, the adorable Moti, and his two rescued brothers Huey and Dewey have won the hearts of 338,000 followers on her Instagram page 157ofgemma. And it all started when Gemma missed her cute pug at work so much that she began to draw his cartoon drawings on the subway. Little did she know that they were destined to become a hit among cartoon lovers and dog lovers, who find Gemma’s funny comics more than akin.

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As it turned out, what I thought was unique about Mochi is typical for many dogs! We have accidentally created a very supportive community of dog lovers that has gradually grown over time. Gemma also said that she tried very consistently to publish comics about their daily life together. Over time, her drawing style changed, more characters were added, and two new members joined the Moti and Gemma family. They are the twin chihuahua brothers Moti, Twinchi or Moti Ben’s best friend. Gemma admitted that for the most part, the pandemic was “sad and nervous” as she had been unable to see her family this entire year. Being away from them was very difficult and you just want everyone to be safe and it’s scary.


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