Artist Shares Her Everyday Life With An IT Guy And Their Dog In 30 Adorable Comics (NEW COMICS)


Meet 30-year-old Chinese comic book actress from Hong Kong Bonnie Pang, creator of the popular ITguyARTgirl fiction series. Some may have known the actor when he was portrayed by Astound. However, don’t forget that Bonnie is a person who knows how to make pictures to portray the amazing, fun and funny characters about her husband and their dog Milka. All of this, especially when combined with Pang’s creative visual style, creates a very beautiful set where you can smile from your eyes.Booney’s cartoons were featured on Bored Panda a few years ago, and if you want to see his old work,

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First, we asked the artist if he had a significant influence in his world that might have helped him develop and refine his style. stories from my youth, especially the block-of-the-world genre, such as ‘Old Master Q,’ ‘Sanmoao,’ and ‘.’ These are all the most popular fiction stories in Hong Kong, the city where I live. When I was older and started reading online fiction, I enjoyed ‘Zen Pencils’ and ‘Smile Brush,’ for a long time. especially the stories and narratives that inspired me to create my own ‘Roar Street Journal,’ and ‘IT Guy & Art Girl,’ which create fun, comforting stories. hockey.






























I got my first digital drawing tablet at the age of 15 and I never looked back! I have never taken a digital painting course, but I have learned to paint in Photoshop and other computer programs. Before that, I mostly drew with colored pencils. In high school and college, I still painted acrylic, charcoal, and oil, but I eventually went back to digital art because it’s the most convenient.


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