30 Funny Comics By StrangeTrek For People Who Like Horror And Pop Culture


We at Here strive to discover new artists who can bring fun and laughter to your daily life. StrangeTrek comics are designed to do just that. Robie Poche of Austin, Texas, USA created these funny comics with dark colors and unexpected endings. While they look pretty random, they are oddly related at the same time. dive into the imaginary world of StrangeTrek, vote for the funniest ones, and let us know what you think in the comments! I will quote the artist’s description on Instagram in advance: Poche is one of those artists who needed the world to survive the pandemic and go into isolation to finally devote time to experimenting with creativity. Therefore, in July 2020, in the midst of the global crisis and chaos, he posted his first comic on Instagram, which will help make people smile and get distracted from reality. Drawing comics has always been something I wanted to try and thought I would be good at it. Covid really left me plenty of time to try it. I’ve been drawing my whole life, but comics were really fun to learn and get better at.

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My comics are just things that I find funny and that I want to draw. Luckily, other people think they’re funny too. My favorite subject is what I grew up on as a child. a parody now. When I started painting, I watched shows like Adventure Time looking for inspiration och began drawing black and white comics with creepy horror characters such as the skeleton, Jason Voorhees, Saw, Grim Reaper, zombies, and ghosts. It later began to include more colors, themes, and characters that range from famous pop culture references to “ ordinary


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