40 Cat Drawings’ Made Everyone Laugh With How Accurate They Were


Cats come in all shapes and forms. Even liquid. Documenting them all, an Instagram account called tactooncat creates “wacky cat drawings” every day. Their portraits are the perfect blend of simplicity and humor, and even you can reproduce them!

From relaxing on the couch to sliding up the stairs, some of these works have been inspired by famous internet cats, while others have been inspired by subscribers.the project started spontaneously. However, it wasn’t until he uploaded 92 images that the collection really went viral. “I just really love the simplicity and primitivism of art and have always wanted to draw something simple and share with people,

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#1  lets go home no way, im already home

#2 Dont forget to wearing a mask

#3 when you are on a diet but the food is too sexy

#4 making problems harder than they have to be

#5 The magician cat

#6 Are you kidding me karen???

#7 Im not a CHONK

#8 When you have to many kids

#9 Thanks for this new tattoo

#10 Cats logic

#11 I think white one is under the black one??maybe I’m wrong tho

#12 love is not about the bond of blood but its about the bond of feelings
Mothers love Credit : @daddyofdogs

#13 Someone, turn on the light please

#14  i feel like she is full of positivity and pretty at the same time. Love isnt about physical but its about heart

#15 The same but different, why you send me to this world god

#16 When you sniff on the wrong area

#17 when you make a video call for the first time and your crush is way too hot

#18 When your back left behind

#19 Are you ready to rock bebeeeee

#20 Cat logic


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