A cat with a painted face becomes a father for kittens in each of its colors.


The blue-eyed boy had a face exactly divided into gray and black sides. Its owner Stephanie Himines said that “When Narnia was born, I was very surprised. I immediately realized that he was exceptional. But the kids are growing fast, and the fighting has turned into a full-blown smoothie … and dad!


Now Narnia gave birth to two kittens, each of which acquired its own fur color on both sides of the face of Narnia. Brothers and sisters, the gray-haired Phoenix and the black-haired Prada, must have gone fifty and a half to fully enjoy the beauty of their father. What a double miracle!

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Narnia conquered hearts on the Internet with her unique split face


And recently, he became the dad of these two cuties in every color.

Narnia is very good and loves to play with his kittens.

It turns out that this is not the first time, and most likely not the last, when Narnia was a parent. Stephanie, who is a professional cat breeder, said that he had already been a father several times, and all his kittens have different colors.

In addition to Prada and Phoenix, Narnia has two light brown twins, Orfi and Ozanna, a tar roswell, a gray rose and two beautiful colorful boys, Polaris and Phantom.

Seeing their mom and dad, looks are probably in the genes

Narnia’s blue eyes – traffic jams in their own right


Surprisingly, unlike Prada and Phoenix, other kittens inherited the striking blue eyes of Narnia. This is very rare, there are only a few cats in the world that are completely colored and have blue eyes.

Stephanie also said that Narnia would soon become a father again, and his kittens should be born around June 29th.


Narnia, born in Paris but living in Britain, was previously considered a rare chimeric cat. However, Stephanie said in a previous interview that genetic testing proved that it wasn’t. The geneticist did the tests, and the [found] Narnia has only one DNA … it remains a mystery to science, she said.

Narnia owner Stephanie Jimenez said she knew the boy was exceptional from his birth


And people seemed stunned by this beautiful cat family

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