A stately dog of rare beauty lonely roamed the streets of the city


Indifferent people brought to the shelter “Dino” an adult dog that they found on the streets. He wandered around the city, obviously not understanding what to do and to whom to turn for help. The vagabond was surprisingly beautiful and somehow resembled the representatives of the Newfoundland breed, in honor of which he received his nickname – Nuf.


It quickly became clear that this seven-year-old dog was in no way suitable for life on the street, so most likely he was a former owner. But no one was looking for him, no one responded to announcements of him, so it was decided to look for the guy new owners.

At first, Nyuf was afraid and shy of everything, but soon got used to it and began to go for walks. The dog was the personification of the word “good nature”: he got along with absolutely all people and dogs, regardless of gender and age. Because of his soft, as if plush appearance, Nuf really wanted to hug endlessly – but he was not against it!

A large adult dog is a difficult task for accommodation, but volunteers believed that luck would surely smile on a charming and positive Nuf.

A girl named Anna, who regularly helped the shelter, met Nyuf and found out his story. She decided to give him a house – so began a new, happy chapter in the life of this good and obedient doggie!


Nyuf has been happy with Anna for several years now. During this time, he decently ate, got prettier, learned several teams and became a full member of the family!




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