People could not choose a pet from two charming homeless puppies.


The two main characters of this story are simple outbred puppies whose fate could never have crossed if not for the volunteers of the Islet of Hope shelter.


The charming baby Snezhka was born from a domestic dog, but, as is often the case, was not needed by the owners. So she found herself in a shelter. It was simply impossible not to fall in love with this cute, friendly and always friendly girl!


Snowball had a very curious and energetic disposition. She adored long walks, communication with a person, and she was also easy to learn. The baby promised to become a beautiful and obedient pet dog, if suitable owners were found for her.

Mars ended up in a shelter under slightly different circumstances. A large puppy was born on the streets, where no one needed it and was completely defenseless. Fortunately, the volunteers managed to take him into the heat on time, where he really liked it.

Like Snowball, Mars was very playful and curious – he categorically did not like to sit still! Such a puppy needed an equally active family.

Mars and Snezhka rarely met in the walls of a large shelter, but everything changed when a family from Belgium came to see them. They liked both puppies, and it was extremely difficult to choose someone. Who can better take root in their new home? Who can find a common language with potential owners?


In order not to be tormented by such questions, family members decided to give a house to both Snezhka and Mars! Both puppies were very happy with this situation, because now they could not only live next to a person in a warm apartment, but also play with each other and communicate 🙂

Surprisingly, Mars and Snezhka calmly moved the road of 2.5 thousand km by car. Now they live in Belgium, where they walk a lot, play and spend time outdoors.


Do not be afraid to take animals from shelters – they are no worse than their expensive pedigree brethren! Yes, there may be difficulties with them, but having overcome them, you will find friends who are faithful and devoted to you with all their souls.



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